The Color Condition: designer interview

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Homebuildlife caught up with the creators and designers from The Color Condition to find out more about their vibrant paper streamers.

How did The Color Condition come about?
We met through a mutual friend in the art community who was working on a big project; a video piece involving crazy costumes and stunt show skiing. We got together during that time and we found out that we worked really well. We decided to continue collaborating together and then our first real job came along in Spring 2010, a temporary outdoor installation.

What are your favourite colours?
Our favourite colours are constantly changing. Right now it is metallics, we have been gravitating towards the warm colours such as copper right now, mixed with hot pinks, black, and a shot of something transparent.

What is the most interesting event or collaboration The Color Condition has been part of?
Every installation has its own special properties , but one of the most memorable was one of our very first installations which was in York, Maine at the historical Nevada Motel located right on the beach. 21 performance and installation artists from all over were selected to participate and create a piece within a room. It was inspiring to meet the artists and the whole community came out to see the show.

Do you see the company expanding further in the future beyond streamers? We have so many dreams with the streamers. We want to cover a train that travels across the country! We do see things going beyond streamers. We have been introducing new materials as of late, making more wearable pieces, and also store windows have been a new focus that we are exploring.