Barock by Renate Buser at the Bellelay Abbey Foundation

Friday, 25 July 2014

Protagonist of this year’s edition of the Bellelay Abbey annual art exhibition, Swiss artist Renate Buser presents Barock – a monumental photographic installation that celebrates and highlights the baroque architecture of the abbey.

Marking the tercentenary of the Swiss Bellelay Abbey  Foundation, this year the exhibition invited Basel-based artist Renate Buser to display her work in the beautiful baroque setting of the abbey.

In her characteristic style blending photography, art and architecture, she took certain architectural details from the surrounding architecture and blew them up in size, sometimes reversing them as well. This realistic imagery is then presented set in between the columns and the arches throughout the rooms, making for a new and slightly off-setting space where perspective and proportions trick the eye of the visitor for an absorbing cinematic experience.

Renate Buser’s Barock is on show at the Bellelay Abbey Foundation until July 27, 2014.