Double O bike light by Paul Cocksedge Studio®

Thursday, 27 March 2014

London-based Paul Cocksedge Studio® has launched a new product on crowd-funding website Kickstarter this week.

The Double O bike light comprises two round-shaped LED lights: one to be attached on the front part of the bike and emit a white light, the other to be attached on the back and emit a red light.
Both lights are magnetically attached and can be threaded through a D lock, eliminating the need to carry them around when the bike is parked in the street.

Double O front light will retail at £65.00 and the back light at £55.00. The set will retail at £99.00. If purchased through the Kickstarter campaign the front light will cost £50.00, the back light £40.00 and the set £79.00.