3D printed food at CES 2014

Thursday, 9 January 2014

3D Systems' new ChefJet 3D printer, which uses edibles such as chocolate and flavoured sugar as its raw ingredients, is the talk of CES this week. Scheduled to go on sale later this year, both the ChefJet (which prints in monochrome) and the ChefJet Pro, which can produce full colour, are printing samples live at the fair for visitors to taste-test.

Available in flavours such as Sour Apple, Cherry, Watermelon and Mint, the 3D printed sugar shapes are dry and brittle, with a slightly rough texture that melts in the mouth.

Pre-printed products on display include tall cake toppers and complex interlocking structures, with colour combinations ranging from classic blue and white to psychedelic multicolour.

The ChefJet will be priced below $5000 and the ChefJet Pro below $10,000. Both machines will be targeted at advanced home cooks and professional chefs and bakers alike.

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