Live from Milan: Droog & the Rijksmuseum

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Avant-garde Dutch designers Droog have developed a range of tableware based on the 125,000 digitised images that the Rijksmuseum has posted online in its digital museum collection, Rijksstudio.

On show in Milan this week and designed by Studio Droog and deJongeKalff, the collection includes a white rubber tablecloth, intricately patterned titanium cutlery, and a statuesque centrepiece made of 3D printed miniatures magnetised to a central frame.

The pieces draw inspiration from masterpieces by artists including Vermeer, Dürer, and German silversmith Wenzel Jamnitzer.

Droog 20+ is on display at Via San Gregorio 32, central Milan, for the rest of this week.