Food experience at The Revolving Room by Patricia Urquiola

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

To celebrate the opening of Patricia Urquiola's Kvadrat textile installation at Moroso's Brera store this week, Danish food designers I'm A Kombo served up snacks in fabric shells, and drinks inspired by wool.

The designers took the colour palette of Urquiola's pieces - beetroot, green and yellow - as their starting point for the food experience, and developed a set of food, drinks and serveware for the occasion.

Two of Patricia Urquiola's new chairs for Moroso, which also launched this week, provided a centrepiece to the show, decorated with flowers and plants.

Popcorn and peppers nestled inside coloured fabric shells, which had been shaped and stitched so that they could be hooked over a bottle and eaten one-handed.

Drinks included Cool Wool #563, a dark purple potion made from blood orange juice, beetroot juice, gin, and Campari Bitters; and Cool Wool #924, a pale yellow brew of apple juice, spinach, Acacia honey, and fresh basil.

The Revolving Room is open at Moroso, via Pontaccio 8/10, 20121 Milan, until Sunday 14th April.