Live from: Brimfield Antique Market

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Brimfield Antique & Collectables Show in Brimfield, Massachusetts, is one of the largest and best-known vintage markets in the US. Vendors bring their best, most relevant wares to the show, and designers, decorators, retailers and enthusiasts from around the country flock to the small rural town to dig for treasure. Here are some of the key trends to emerge from this season's market.

Speciality drawers: vintage American drawers have specific purposes and drawers that aren't quite multi-functional. Large dressers with shallow drawers are perfect for storing large documents and flat items, and make for a novel conversation piece.

Ombre: not only a trend of today, ombre colouring is a vintage staple and is seen widely in tableware.

Copper kettles: the decorative quality of aged copper pairs nicely with the wide range of decorative kettles used in American history.