Digital printing: Live from Proposte 2012

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Magniarredo at Prosposte 2012
Digital printing is the future, is the key message to emerge from Italian textile fair Proposte this year. The technique is considered to be a faster and easier method than flat screen and rotary printing techniques.

Athenea at Proposte 2012

Digital printing enables an unlimited amount of colours to be printed at once. High quality images with intricate detailing and fine textures can easily be transferred without the need for an individual screen for each separate colour.

Canepa at Proposte 2012

The process takes less time to prepare and complete, meaning that digitally printed fabrics can be produced in much smaller quantities. It's also an ideal technique for capturing the delicate nuances of watercolour washes and the brush strokes of hand-painted florals.

Magniarredo at Proposte 2012

Rossini Della Quercia at Proposte 2012