Discipline: Italian design for every day

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

SmithMatthias for Discipline

Discipline is a new Italian design brand by Renato Preti, who has previously worked with Skitsch, Unopiù, B&B Italia and Moooi. The collection, which will be launched at the Salone next month, consists of nearly 40 pieces, from small accessories to large furniture, all designed to fulfil the essential functions of everyday life.

Max Lamb for Discipline

Discipline describes its collection as the result of research around "the energy of natural materials and essential forms dictated by such basic needs as sitting, illuminating a room, or by needs that are still unobserved, but which are suggested by an original function of a common object".
Pauline Deltour for Discipline

The brand has been working with 13 designers from 10 different countries, including Ding3000, Ichiro Iwasaki, Klauser & Carpenter, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Max Lamb, Luca Nichetto and Philippe Nigro.
Ichiro Iwasaki for Discipline

Using a multichannel distribution (flagship stores, franchising, e-commerce and strategic partnerships), the brand is aiming its collection as strongly at emerging and growing markets like Brazil, China, India and Australia, as it is at European customers.

SmithMatthias for Discipline
Each object in the collection is built using self-regenerating materials, from wood and cork to natural textiles and glass, and is produced as sustainably as possible.

Lars Beller for Discipline

Ding 3000 for Discipline

Ding 3000 for Discipline