Phare No.1-9 by Simon Heijdens at Design Miami/ 2013

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Perrier-Jouët House of Champagne has commissioned London-based designer Simon Heijdens to create a light work, which was unveiled today at Design Miami/.

The installation, Phare No. 1-9 (which we previewed in October), comprises nine hand-blown glass vessels part filled with transparent liquid, suspended in a white room that becomes both a screen and a narrative, thanks to the effect created by the light refracted by the water.

“I am interested in how we relate to objects and the space around us,” says Heijdens, “I try to bring back a sense of nature and coincidence back into the homogeneity of the everyday. With Phare No. 1-9, I have worked with water for the first time, exploring its narrative qualities and variable character. It’s been a joy to interpret the brief from Perrier-Jouët, and I hope that with Phare No.1-9 I have captured a characteristic of water and light, revealing something that we couldn’t normally experience, in a totally new way."