Dark chocolate nails: Brocche Fondenti

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Brocche 2.0 is a competition to find new ideas for the Brocca, a typical nail that is traditionally made by hand in Valle di Ledro in Italy, and is most often used in mountain boots. The winning project, Brocche Fondenti, is a nail made of the finest dark chocolate.

Designed by architects and designers Monica MaggiPippo Marino and Giangi Caffio, the Brocche Fondenti chocolate nail can be used to emphasise the taste of desserts, add a new flavour to pies or ice cream, or simply be eaten on its own.

They are designed, like the original iron Brocche that inspired them, to slip into a soft material. But in this case, the soft material can be a sponge cake or a sweet cream.

The goal of the contest was to produce manufactured articles for the souvenirs market.