Versatile desks

Friday, 31 August 2012

Margaux Keller
As user-friendly software connections allow more and more people to work from home, the furniture industry is redirecting its attention to a key element of this space, the desk.

Space constraints trigger ingenious solutions while there is a shift in aesthetic concerns: office functionalities need to be adapted in order to follow personal styles. One example is Margaux Keller's desk (first profiled here) with several vertical niches that can be used as an inspiration board, holding artwork, correspondence, mirrors or notes. The concept perfectly relates to the idea of  home and office occupying the same space.

Eddi Tornberg

Another product highlight comes from Swedish design graduate Eddi Tornberg, who has developed a sustainable workstation which takes the user's movements (such as pressure on the carpet and body heat on the chair) to generate the energy that is used to power laptops, lamps and other appliances.

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