Oh Comely magazine launch

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Oh Comely issue 1; special edition bags for the first issue
A collective of London-based creatives have launched a new magazine which aims to celebrate creative endeavour 'rather than money and what it can buy'. WGSN-HBL talked to editor Liz Bennett about the magazine’s content, ethos and aims.

What are the aims of Oh Comely and what sets it apart from other publications?

We wanted to make a magazine that inspires people to be creative, talk to their neighbours, and explore new things rather than buy stuff or lose weight. The original inspiration was to do something for people who, like us, weren't at home in all the gossip, celebrities and orgasm tips of many women's magazines.

Our focus is always on the people behind the projects. We want to avoid being exclusive or self-referentially cool and interview people who are interesting and talented whether they're super-famous or completely unknown.

Oh Comely illustration

What kind of features are you including and how do you want to expand on your content in future issues?

We've just sent Issue 2 off to print: predictably, we feel like we got into our stride more, although I still love issue 1. My favourite parts of Issue 2 are a feature where we asked four illustrators to do something on the theme of 'lost things' and a collaborative feature about 'ex best friends' from childhood. The issue developed a theme of nostalgia and loss quite naturally.

Finally, we have to ask about the title…

It's based on a song by Neutral Milk Hotel - although we liked the name quite apart from any associations. We had a list, and this one resonated with us the most.

Issue 2 of Oh Comely is available from 9th August 2010. Issue 1 is available now: stockists and details of how to get in touch with submissions are available on the magazine’s website.


Sarah Housley