Craft in New York

Monday, 7 June 2010


Craft in New York City is alive and well as proven this weekend by The Renegade Craft Fair and Makers Market in Brooklyn and Queens respectively. The Brooklyn fair was larger in scale and foot traffic, while Queens focused on upscale artisans whose work is so skilled and precise that we are reluctant to file it under the "craft" umbrella.

Platform at The Makers Market

Both fairs yielded great finds in the sweltering heat, but it seems that Renegades excel in ceramics while Makers are masters of wood and glass. Perch , JFish Designs, Clam Lab, Brooklyn Rehab and kg+ab were a few of the stands with charming ceramics in Brooklyn. Platform, Erica Rosenfeld Designs and hivemindesign were among the highlights in wood and glass in Queens.

Tune into WGSN hombuildlife for a full report later this week.

Jean Lin
USA Editor, Interiors