Alchemical jewellery by Sofie Boons

Friday, 18 July 2014

Jewellery and scent designer Sofie Boons has developed a collection of scent objects that disperse or preserve fragrance in innovative ways.

Scent stamps

Exhibiting as part of New Designers' graduate showcase One Year On last month, Boon's work includes a scented stamp that presses a message onto the skin that only the wearer will know.

A range of jewellery encases rare and special fragrances inside glass orbs to protect and display them, and an illustrated book explains how to create your own natural fragrance brooches using foraged local ingredients.

Scent stamps

These projects tie into a growing interest in scent amongst designers and consumers. For more on this topic, Homebuildlife subscribers can read our trend report Synesthesia And Design: Playing With Perception.

Scent brooches

Scent jewellery