Trending Vending: Oreo's cookie creme printer at SXSW

Monday, 10 March 2014

Oreo's Trending Vending lounge is offering visitors the chance to specify their own free custom cookies at South By Southwest this week, by choosing from a selection of topics that are trending on Twitter.

Oreo's design team use a mixture of algorithms and intuition to create colour and flavour combinations for each trending topic, which could range on the day from Grumpy Cat to #EllenSelfie or Jennifer Lawrence.

Using the touchscreen vending machine, customers can scroll through each option, combine trends, finalise their cookie, then send it to print and watch as nozzles squirt the different coloured cremes onto the cookie, creating a custom Oreo in two minutes.

The hashtag for the campaign - #eatthetweet - gathers together flavour requests and visitor reaction on Twitter.

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