Schneider Electric x Mathieu Lehanneur: smart energy

Thursday, 23 January 2014

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur was commissioned by Schneider Electric to create a collection of smart devices able to measure and manage domestic energy consumption. With the issue of energy production becoming increasingly real, new regulations are implemented to raise consumers' awareness and encourage individual contribution to the collective energy-saving effort. Insulation and double-glazing are no longer enough.

The designer started from the statement that "Out of sight, energy is also out of our control. We know it is precious but we often waste it." His Wiser system thus displays the energy consumption of a household directly in Euros so that inhabitants can see, understand and react.

Wiser is composed of a box and some wireless connected modules, each controlling a specific typology of appliances, including electrical radiators, plugs and boilers, as well as the temperature of each room. The whole electrical activity of the house can thus be adjusted at the touch of a button or via a phone app. Wiser also detects defective radiators, leaks or appliances that over-consume.

Lehanneur's system fits the interconnectivity and intuitiveness trends we tracked at CES this month. Homebuildlife subscribers can read more on trends in tech accessories here.