Rendez-Wood? New concepts for wood by Icelandic design students

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Gone Baking
Rendez-Wood?, a project by third year Product Design students at the Iceland Academy of the Arts, explores the current value of Icelandic wood and its possibilities as a production material in the near future.

Stick Around from RendezWood? on Vimeo.

Inspired by the qualities and abilities of the Icelandic outdoors, the students' ideas derive from the urge to create something new from the natural world, using simple, almost primal, methods.

BurnBowl from RendezWood? on Vimeo.

Amongst the products are Stick Around, a stick used for support, stability and rest when walking; Burn Bowl, which is designed for back-to-basics outdoor cooking; and Infuse, a container that can be used to experiment with infusions of flavour with snow or water in the wild.

Infuse from RendezWood? on Vimeo.