Live from Heimtextil: trend forum

Friday, 10 January 2014

Mehmet Akten at 'Progress!', Heimtextil 2014
Heimtextil kicked off this year's trade show season with an impressive interactive trend forum curated by London’s FranklinTill design agency. Creating 4 trend worlds based on the 2 overriding themes of ‘Progress!’ and ‘Revive!’ that define the forecast of the future of home interior textiles.

‘Progress!’ focused on the scientific and technological advancements that are enabling designers to mass produce playful and spontaneous designs through computer algorithms that are replicable yet unique. Therefore, allowing for mass customisation of design.

Mehmet Akten’s interactive installation allows the user to paint onto a virtual canvas by visually mapping the movements and gestures they make with their body creating endless possibilities for new and evolving patterns and compositions.

The Collider by Paul Ferragut is a personalized printer with a custom made airbrush that enables the user to create a completely bespoke bag where no two designs are the same.
'The Collider by Paul Ferragut at 'Progress!', Heimtextil 2014
‘Revive!’ in contrast to ‘Progress!’ looks to the past with a desire to rediscover traditional crafts, values and to bring authenticity back to design. This manifests itself with designers working with natural fabrics and traditional processes and techniques creating materials that assume a quiet, but assured luxury with an embedded sense of narrative.
'Revive!' at Heimtextil 2014

'Revive!' at Heimtextil 2014

Heimtextil runs until tomorrow and subscribers will be able to read our full report within the next few weeks.