Creative Philosophie

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

After graduating from her Masters degree in London, designer Bibiana Farenzena launched Creative Philosophie, a home and fashion accessories brand focused on illustration and pattern.

"As a graphic designer and illustrator I always wanted to see my drawings out of the computer, in clothing, accessories and decorating my house. Prints have always been a great passion in my life so I decided to study and work with this fascinating topic. So then at my Masters at University of Westminster I used the modules of the course to design the visual identity of the brand, the business plan, the illustrations, the website and the collection itself," explains Farenzena.

The decision to have an online shop was very connected to the designer's experiences: "I always try to buy from online shops because I have time to consider the best products, browse prices and make a sensible purchase besides being much more comfortable then going to walk out of my desk".

Farenzena says her inspirations come from textures, such as wood grains and the floor tiles. "We are surrounded by innumerable textures and I simply try to draw them. The mixture of these drawings with watercolour painting bring a unique and very eye catching combination that defines my style. All the designs are carefully hand-made by me and my partner, Dora Dluhopolszky who studied fashion and textiles and joined the company to contribute with her knowledge of fashion and highly hand-crafted skills"