Jewellery by Anaïs Paulard

Monday, 15 July 2013

Graduate designer Anaïs Paulard has created a collection of jewellery that leaves a physical trace of the memories or interactions of the person wearing it.

Won't Hug Me Twice by Anaïs Paulard

The collection includes a brooch with a pink balloon attached, which bursts during a hug and leaves a trail of pink powder, as well as a set of wedding rings that scatter colourful pigment to remind the wearers of their commitment.

Would You Happy Me by Anaïs Paulard

Paulard showed the pieces at the first part of graduate designer showcase New Designers, which was held in London last month.

Mourning Fades, Memories Stay by Anaïs Paulard

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Share Your Happiness by Anaïs Paulard

My Pain Is Hidden by Anaïs Paulard
Carry Me Empty When You Are Ready by Anaïs Paulard