Live from NeoCon 2013: emerging trends

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Hexagon floor tiles by Shaw Contract groups at NeoCon 2013

Many key trends emerged during the first day of NeoCon, Chicago's contract furniture fair. The big buzzwords of the show are community and collaborative work spaces, as the new generation of communal office spaces play out in imaginative configurations and tactile environments across the fair.

One of the most interesting launches of the fair is the Hexagon range of floor tiles by Shaw Contract Group. The contrasting colour tones create depth and add tactility to the room, which is usually found on walls.

Line coat hanger by Davis

Yellow is the key colour, used for back splashes, desktop accessories and textiles, and ranging from a soft maize to a traffic stripe yellow.

Sustainability remains a big issue for most manufacturers: creating a 360-degree responsible manufacturing platform and process keeps them relevant in today's eco-concious market.

Also important is the re-emergence of small work spaces: cubicles and individual rooms have been reworked and amped up in innovative ways.

Our full report on NeoCon, which runs until tomorrow, will be available for subscribers next week.

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