Bilik and Bubu by Lanzavecchia+Wai

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Design studio Lanzavecchia+Wai has visited West Java for its latest project, as part of the Futurecraft workshop organised by the SFIC (Singapore Furniture Industries Council). The studio has worked with Indonesian artisans to launch two new pieces, a woven room divider and a rattan bench.

Bilik is a room divider that showcases the use of traditional rattan weaving techniques to build tools and construct containers, growing shapes from two dimensions into three.

Bilik provides two panels of pockets of different sizes, which can store and display all kinds of objects, from books to tools.

Bubu is a rattan bench that actively reacts to its user's body weight. The support components in the bench are minimal, so that it flexes and responds to you as you sit on it. This playfulness is further encouraged by the various sitting positions one can adopt, from lengthwise to riding it like a horse.

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