Acqua Alta by Giorgia Zanellato & Daniele Bortotto

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Murano scent diffuser, Acqua Alta

Italian designers Giorgia Zanellato and Daniele Bortotto have drawn inspiration from the sights, smells and textures of Venice's high waters to create a collection of objects including textiles, flooring, diffusers and a table lamp.

Photo courtesy of Giorgia Zanellato & Daniele Bortotto

Called Acqua Alta (Italian for “high water”), the collection explores how water influences the life of the city, shaping and surrounding it with thousands of different colours and textures.

La Giudecca carpet, Acqua Alta

The effects of the water provided direct inspiration for each piece. From a photo taken of Venetian steps (pictured below), the designers developed a carpet featuring the same effect of depth and colour gradation (pictured above). The heights of the steps are recreated with a slight three-dimensional effect, while the texture, colour and shape of the carpet relate clearly to the photograph.

Photo courtesy of Giorgia Zanellato & Daniele Bortotto

The same applies for the collection's textiles: a photograph of layers of brick, moss and water corresponds directly to the pattern on San Polo, while layers of marble and stone inform Santa Croce.

Photo courtesy of Giorgia Zanellato & Daniele Bortotto

San Polo textile, Acqua Alta
Castello textile, Acqua Alta

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Santa Croce, Acqua Alta
Dorsoduro textile, Acqua Alta
Cannaregio textile, Acqua Alta

San Marco textile, Acqua Alta