Key concept: Twin'Z by Ross Lovegrove for Renault

Monday, 8 April 2013

Ross Lovegrove has collaborated with Renault on a concept car that is inspired by nature and organic growth forms. Unveiled today at the Triennale, the all-electric Twin'Z features neon yellow wheels and rippling back lighting.

By launching a new concept car at Salone rather than at a motor show, Renault hopes to further break down the barriers between the worlds of automobile and home.

"Ross turns things inside out, upside down... He makes a hard car soft, a small car spacious, creates simplicity despite complexity, and turns a lifeless object into something that is alive," says Laurens van den Acker, director of industrial design at Renault.

The compact city car uses rippling surface effects, moving light displays and bold neon pattern to create a sense of movement. Its vivid blue body is inspired by Yves Klein blue, says Lovegrove: "It echoes France’s cultural heritage while also mirroring the virtues of our planet."

Its wheels are based on the growth patterns found in nature. and were developed by Michelin using 3D printing to refine their structure.

The car's blue and neon yellow branding also carried through to Lovegrove's outfit, the launch staff's bright blue shift dresses and neon yellow trainers, and the furniture, food and drink at the launch event.

Waiters carried bright blue drinks and white straciatella pots topped with a yellow-green oil dressing.

Ross Lovegrove x Renault is on show at Milan's Triennale museum until 14 April.