Hyundai at Superstudio Più

Monday, 8 April 2013

Hyundai has occupied the Art Point Room, a 1,000 square metre space at Superstudio Più, one of Zona Tortona's main locations during Milan Design Week, to showcase Fluidic - Sculpture in Motion, a lighting installation inspired by the company's design philosophy.

Created by Hyundai Design Center in collaboration with WhiteVoid, Fluidic consists of 12,000 luminescent spheres, which are illuminated with lights and lasers creating a mesmerising visual impact. At one point in the light show the public is invited to interact and move their hands to manipulate the blue lasers - made possible due to a 3D scanning system that registers body warmth.

The installation will be open to the public until Sunday (April 14) and there will be two special entertainment sessions (Saturday April 13 at 8pm and Sunday April 14 at 3pm) where a DJ will play a special soundtrack.