The International Space Orchestra by Nelly Ben Hayoun

Thursday, 24 January 2013

The International Space Orchestra - a project by Nelly Ben Hayoun. © Nelly Ben Hayoun. Photo by Neil Berrett

Experience designer Nelly Ben Hayoun's feature film, The International Space Orchestra, has been selected for The International Film Festival, and will make its world premiere tomorrow evening in Rotterdam.

Yvonne Cagle, International Space Orchestra percussionist and NASA astronaut. Photo by Neil Berrett

The film, which is described as "merging science, technology, design and opera", features a cast of scientists, futurists, musicians and composers - including Damon Albarn, Bruce Sterling and Frank Drake, founder of the SETI Institute. Watch a trailer here.

Filming in front of the world largest windtunnel in NASA Ames Research Centre. Photo by Neil Berrett

The International Space Orchestra film and project will also feature as part of Z33 gallery's next exhibition, Space Odyssey 2.0, which runs 17 February - 19 May.

Photo by Neil Berrett