Das Stue: Design Hotel, Berlin

Friday, 25 January 2013

Boutique hotel Das Stue has taken over the building that formerly housed Berlin's Danish embassy - a 1930s structure in the district of Tiergarten. Designed by Patricia Urquiola, the 80 room hotel is intended to be like a drawing room (its Danish name literally translates to Living Room) with interiors that combine modern ease with classic elegance.

At reception, guests are welcomed with a crocodile head sculpture and an over-head wave of tiny lights, which complement the two sweeping staircases.

The animal theme is continued into the lounge area with more wireframe sculptures.

The hotel operates two restaurants, both headed by Michelin-starred Spanish chef Paco Pérez. One features a centrepiece of light installations by Tom Dixon, the other a relaxed interior of slatted walls and skylights.

General manager Jean-Paul Dantil defines the Das Stue luxury: "Think of Cary Grant, bar culture, real gentleman and ladies, cultivated conversations. It's a celebration of socialising."

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