Fidgets by Grace Hancock

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Scratch Fidget by Grace Hancock

Grace Hancock's Fidgets are a series of five tools for therapeutic stress and anxiety relief. Each named according to their function, the faceted, palm-sized objects can be retrieved at times of needs to harness the calming powers of tactility.

Rub Fidget by Grace Hancock

The series is made up of Press, which contains a light powered by pressing a button; Rub, a simple object with a smooth surface; Squeeze, a rubbery and malleable tool; Scratch, which reveals a darker layer under its light-coloured surface; and Spin, a bright turquoise edition with incorporated spinning mechanism.

Spin Fidget by Grace Hancock
Hancock explains, "The user would select which object relates to their fidgeting requirements."

Squeeze Fidget by Grace Hancock

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Press Fidget by Grace Hancock