Malle W.Trousseau, the cooking chest

Monday, 16 July 2012

Malle W.Trousseau is a selection of 43 kitchen essentials. The idea came to founder Isabelle Mathez when her daughter left home and asked for various cooking accessories. It has been conceived as an actual trousseau, and is filled with useful objects that are intended to last a lifetime.

Over three levels, the chest brings together all the necessary items for cutting, cooking and containing. It includes utensils made by hand by various types of craftsmen, and ingenious finds unearthed among the stock of small manufacturers, as well as objects from leading brands in the cooking industry.

The cutting tray includes everything one needs to cut, chop, slice, bone, peel, crush, and sharpen. It also comes with a leather apron made by an artisan in Savoy, inspired by the ones blacksmiths used to wear. 

The cooking tray is for preparing, simmering, frying, boiling, stewing, wiping, presenting and serving. It includes oven mittens, tea towels and a table mat. Finally, the container's tray includes cutting boards, a colander, baking trays, pasta spoons, a masher, a whisk and some large bowls.