Christopher Stott: still life style

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Vintage Electric Fan & Water (2009)

Artist Christopher Stott paints realist compositions of everyday objects, specialising in vintage classics such as typewriters, telephones, alarm clocks and fans.

Hawkeye (2012)

Each painting is completed in soft, natural light, using a subdued colour palette, and is created in Stott's home on the Canadian prairies.

Baggage II (2011)
The artist has practiced full-time since 2007, and has participated in many group exhibitions across Canada and the US.

Luggage, Chair, Shirt (2010)

Stott says of his subject choice, "I paint vintage clocks, cameras, typewriters, telephones, fans, and books. As subjects, they are aesthetically appealing, and have a subtle but pervasive metaphorical quality. These characteristics create a narrative on their own."

Blue, Red, Green (2010)

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Anything Can Happen, Down The Road (2011)
GE Vintage Electric Fan (2011)