Live from: ICFF 2012

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Misewell at ICFF 2012

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair is one of the premier events for the latest trends in US design. Held every year in New York, the event hosts a number of events and exhibits that showcase contemporary design’s freshest talent and newest ideas on a platform that invites industry professionals and stalwarts to view an edited selection of wares.

Laurie Beckman at ICFF 2012

Retro futuristic: The idiosyncrasies of retro designs from the 60s and 80s are seen melded with contemporary elements for a future-forward twist. The trend is most relevant for lighting, with rounded and curved design components.

Council at ICFF 2012

Natural wood: A signifier of clean minimal design, and a common material at ICFF, is natural wood, left unfinished to accentuate the natural grain.

Richard Watson at ICFF 2012

Tripods: The three-legged table and chair design presents a simplified concept that conserves resources through thoughtful and ergonomic considerations.