Newvintage sideboard by StudioB

Monday, 2 April 2012

Newvintage by Studio B
Designed by Studio B, Newvintage sideboard was created taking in consideration packaging and transportation: when dismounted, the piece's components fit into each other "resembling kids' wooden toys", explains Eduardo Bortolai, co-founder of the studio.

The designer also tackles the assemblage issue. "Assembling a piece of furniture can be very frustrating, and there is always the risk of damaging the paint or even breaking a component," Bortolai explains. "The solution is to reduce the use of tools to a minimum, that's why the cubes all have cuts and fit into each other, creating an asymmetrical volume."
Newvintage by Studio B
Produced by Camara Carpenters, Newvintage has recently been awarded first prize at Sal√£o Design Movelsul, Brazil,  in the Portable Furniture for International Market category.

Newvintage is another example of the evolution of storing and shelving furniture. WGSN-homebuildlife subscribers can see a more in-depth report on this subject by clicking here.