A Table by Sebastian Bergne

Friday, 20 January 2012

Sebastian Bergne’s A Table is by day an exhibition of Bergne’s work from the last 15 years, primarily based on the preparation and consumption of food. By night the exhibition will turn into an exclusive dining space for selected guests - showcasing Bergne's designs at their best by using them to host a series of three dinner parties.

The London-based designer has previously created cookware for Tefal, an Ice Cream machine for British chef Heston Blumenthal, and several series of dining objects for his own collection. A new project by Bergne will be showcased and used for the first time at the exhibition.

The guests invited are a mixture of professional and social creative food enthusiasts, while the seats remaining will be sold to the public. The three dinners are scheduled for Tuesday 28th Febuary, Friday 2nd March and Thursday 8th March at the Great Western Studios, and cost £50 per head. Read more about the rise of experience, especially in relation to food, in Experience Design.