The new feature wall: Bodie & Fou

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Bodie & Fou
Lifestyle boutique Bodie & Fou is giving feature walls a whole new lease of life. Framed floral prints and vibrant emulsion are banished, in favour of far more creative alternatives - including graphic wallpapers depicting household objects, and wall stickers for surfaces that require a re-vamp. Here's a selection of their latest product offer.

Bodie & Fou's Anglo-French online shop stocks ultra-modern Danish products as well as heavy industrial pieces. It is a haven for customers who like their home to be bursting with contemporary designers, but prefer a personal touch. The brand's variety of wallpapers and stickers suit homes of every taste; with cartoony rolls for children’s bedrooms and subtle designs for home studies and living areas.

The bookshelf wallpaper by Y&B is clean and minimal, but can re-invent a blank living or study area in to a creative zone. The Family wallpaper by Lisa Bengtsson acts as a striking pinboard, allowing users to affix photographs, drawings and memories in to a frame.