Hepsi rugs at Loom, Melbourne

Friday, 6 January 2012

Loom Rugs and Textiles opened its doors in 2006, but the brand has a much deeper heritage. The owner and creator, Doan Bilgis, comes from a family of rug-makers in Turkey, and says that he "fell into this business". It is fair to say that he has taken the tradition quite a few steps further: Loom is the avant-garde of the rug world.

Hepsi kilim at Loom Rugs & Textiles, Melbourne

Loom's three key ranges each revitalise vintage rugs and craft traditions for a contemporary market. Hepsi rugs are patchworked creations made from vintage pieces. These rugs employ the simple technique of patching together rugs originating from diverse locations and historical backgrounds.

Hepsi rugs at Loom Rugs & Textiles, Melbourne

Each piece reveals the collective expertise of the rug makers involved and the result is a striking abstract composition of shape and colour.

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