Grød, Copenhagen: reimagining porridge

Friday, 6 January 2012

Grød, Copenhagen

Grød (which simply means porridge) is a cafe in Nørrebro, Copenhagen that specialises in homemade porridge. This sole product is offered in a number of variations. Grød is part of the new gastronomic wave of Nordic food; renowned Copenhagen restaurants Noma and Geranium also have porridge on their menus, as the humble comfort food enjoys a resurgence.

Porridge options at Grød

At Grod, porridge is composed as a menu, with tasteful toppings and spices available to enhance and customise the meal. Grains and oats are locally sourced, and some are even milled in the cafe.

Chalkboard menu at Grød

Choices of flavours to add to the porridge include apple sauce, carrot juice, ginger syrup, seeds, cranberries, pear, cinnamon and caramel. The atmosphere is that of a very local cafe: regular customers come for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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