HBL Tradeshows: Live from Heimtextil

Friday, 13 January 2012

Hinterveld at Heimtextil 2012

Reporting live from Heimtextil 2012, we see all things natural and handmade coming to the fore, with sustainable production techniques, shades of green and handcrafted details dominating the show. Read on for our full live report, including the key emerging trends and top three exhibitors.

Green Exhibition – Let it Grow at Heimtextil 2012
Colourful sustainability: Sustainable textiles continue to be important, but cease to be restricted to neutral natural colours and instead embrace contemporary, expressive designs that use vibrant colour.

Passamaneria Italiana at Heimtextil 2012

Shaded irregularity: Multiple dyeing processes create irregular shades and fulfil the trend and demand for products to look handmade.

Kas at Heimtextil 2012

Shades of Kelly green and teal: Kelly green has made an impact in fashion and the trend continues into interior textiles paired with shades of forest green and teal accents.

Top three exhibitors

Hinterveld at Heimtextil 2012

Hinterveld is a mohair specialist based in South Africa that produces luxurious mohair blankets, scarves and throws. It was established 18 months ago, but benefits from the expertise and experience, by being part of the Stucken Group, an international leader in mohair buying, trading and processing since 1951.

Hinterveld at Heimtextil 2012
Key direction: Hinterveld presents its new collection A Beautiful Story, evoking the style of South Africa, at the show as well as launching the first machine-washable blanket that is 80% Mohair and 20% Wool.

Key item: The brightly coloured wide striped blankets.
Average price point: A travel size blanket (150/180cm) sells at wholesale for 55€.

Curious Boy at Heimtextil 2012
Established in 1998 and based in Munich, Curious Boy specialises in digitally-printed wallpapers, flooring and products, especially for the office and contract market. Their signature is creating imaginative and colourful, optical illusionary environments, where patterns and graphics appear three-dimensional.

Curious Boy at Heimtextil 2012
Key direction: Curious Boy presents its Joongle collection inspired by the forest and its mystical atmosphere.

Curious Boy at Heimtextil 2012
Key design: Strings, in greyed hues of blue, which creates a fantasy landscape.
Average price point: The wallpapers sell at 33€ per square metre (wholesale).

Unseen Products at Heimtextil 2012
Based in Holland and now in its fifth year, Unseen Products offers exclusive designer home accessories made in collaboration with small artisan craftsmen in developing countries. As a member of Fair Trade, its aim is to create work and promote ethical design.

Unseen Products at Heimtextil 2012
Key direction: Although the brand presents a varied and diverse collection, its signature is its use of felting - including felted three-dimensional applications onto cushions.

Unseen Products at Heimtextil 2012
Key items: The stone and pebbled-effect felted cushions, seating and rugs.
Average price point: Priced at the high-end of the market, felted cushions sell for 260€ and pebble rugs for 2000€ (retail).

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