Too beautiful to hide, by Wendy Legro for Droog

Monday, 21 November 2011

Droog has launched a new hot water bottle by Wendy Legro, called Too beautiful to hide, which aims to change the humble water bottle from something that is hidden away under duvets and blankets into something worthy of being displayed and decorative: beautiful in both its function and its form.

Legro explains: "The hot water bottle tends to be an underappreciated product. It has a beautiful function but an outdated appearance. I wanted to reflect the feeling the bottle gives you in the aesthetics of the product. The shape with its curves and flat areas is formed to fit a human body. The round lines on the surface let the bottle stay warm longer, while they make you want to touch the soft ridges to sense what it feels like."

Too beautiful to hide is available at Droog Amsterdam and in Droog’s online store for €59. WGSN-homebuildlife subscribers gearing up for winter and all of its associated comforts can read our report, Luxury lounging, for more inspiration.