HBL News: Skitsch design in the Italian Big Brother House

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Woodtable Lamp by Fernando and Humberto Campana
Founded in 2009, Italian design company Skitsch has become well known for its unconventional and sophisticated style. In its comic book-style catalogue, interesting and unusual designer names sit alongside objects of refined taste.

Cardboard Vases by Paolo Ulian
Several pieces from the Skitsch collection (pictured here) have now been selected for the Italian Big Brother Home, Il Grande Fratello - the last reality show which still has an audience, in Italy and abroad.
Saily by Pagani and Perversi

As can be expected with such a move at such a controversial time in Italian history, it is interesting to consider whether this is a good choice for Skitch. Some perceive the move as a good way for the brand to respond with irony and lightness to its detractors, while others have a less positive take on the news. Such a brand known for its playful irreverence will hopefully be able to weather the controversy - with its sense of humour intact.
Pang by Pagani and Perversi

Haphazard Harmony Collection by Maarten Baas

Madeira by Marc Sadler