New lighting designs by Triode

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Frame by Arnaud Lapierre

Previewed at Paris Design Week 2011, French lighting brand Triode Design has released three new lighting solutions by Arnaud Lapierre, Simon Naouri, and Pierre Gonalons. Frame by Arnaud Lapierre is a desk light with a functional tray underneath. The shade hangs over the frame like a curtain, creating interesting angles of diffused light.

Crease by Simon Naouri

Crease by Simon Naouri, is a table lamp made from porcelain with a leather strap tied around the middle. The tubular form of the lamp appears as if it is being cinched in by the strap.

Fuchsia by Pierre Gonalons

Fuchsia by Pierre Gonalons is a pendant light based on the form of a fuchsia flower. The shade has been made from blown glass which has been tinted to give a subtle colour fade finish. The result seems almost 60s inspired.