Studioware exhibition at Gallery Fumi

Monday, 17 October 2011

Studioware at Gallery Fumi

Studioware: articles made in the studio for domestic use is the current exhibition hosted by Gallery Fumi, showing work from designers Max Lamb, Johannes Nagel and Studio Glithero.

Mirrors by Studio Glithero

Studio Glithero, who specialise in the process of creation and performance, showcased the latest from their Bench Mould series: a collection of mirrors that use the mould's join lines as a decorative feature. It is a study that combines the skill of architectural plaster work with elliptical shapes.

Paper Planes by Studio Glithero

Studio Glithero have also contributed their Paper Planes series to the exhibition, a collection made entirely by specially programmed machines that create dynamic two-dimensional designs which are then transferred on to paper and folded into three-dimensional paper planes, in collaboration with the printers Baddeley Brothers.

Ceramics by Johannes Nagel

Ceramicist Johannes Nagel presents a collection of intriguingly grouped, juxtaposed ceramic objects.

Woodware by Max Lamb

Max Lamb presents his collection Woodware, inspired by the traditions of English furniture making. Lamb has made the series from woods that are now being shunned by designers in the UK: maple, ash, beech, walnut and cherry. The rod-like composition is reminiscent of traditional British ladder-backed chairs.

Woodware by Max Lamb

The exhibition features in WGSN-homebuildlife's LDF: Top 10 events and is open at Gallery Fumi in east London until 30 November 2011.

Studioware at Gallery Fumi