HBL Blog of the Week: The Selby

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Illustrator and photographer Todd Selby is the founder of The Selby website and author of 'The Selby is in your Place' (2010), both focused on giving readers an attentive insight into creative individuals in their personal spaces. It started modestly  in June 2008 with Todd taking photos of friends in their homes, but The Selby quickly became inundated with requests to feature on the website, which now gets an estimated 55,000 visitors daily.
Three years on, The Selby portrays regular people from all over the world in their unique, quirky surroundings. Since the launch of the website, The Selby has collaborated frequently with Vogue Paris and Architectural Digest France, as well as Nike, Colette, Haabitat and the New York Times T Magazine.

HBL loves: The new Edible Selby, which shows chefs, bakers, farmers and restaurant owners in their element.