HBL Analysis: Tyvek

Friday, 14 October 2011

Phrena 2 by Karl Zahn
WGSN-homebuildlife takes a look at Tyvek's properties and many uses within construction, personal protection, interior products and print and packaging.

Grand Trianon by Paula Arntzen
Tyvek is a flexible textile made from a web of flashspun polyethylene fibres; it is lightweight, yet strong, breathable and water resistant. The material is used globally in the construction industry as a semi-permeable membrane to weatherproof buildings but it has more recently been used in applications as diverse as bank notes and luxury clothing.

Tyvek’s light-diffusing quality has been utilised for lampshades by Karl Zahn and Paula Arntzen which have been scored, pleated, cut and glued to achieve delicate and decorative collapsible lights. Tyvek has good flame retardancy properties but an extra flame retardant coating is available for such applications.

Pleated Pleat by Raw Edges Design Studio

Raw Edges Design Studio use box pleats to construct the upholstery of the Pleated Pleat stool. The sealed Tyvek sack is filled with soft polyurethane foam which expands the form creating the padded cushion seat.

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