HBL Exhibitions: Plusdesign presents Assemblage by Fabrica

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Plusdesign Gallery, the space in Milan dedicated to contemporary design and brand for the production of limited edition pieces, presents Assemblage. This exhibition is created by the international team of Benetton communication research centre Fabrica's young designers led by Sam Baron: Dean Brown, Catherine Carreiras, Valentina Carretta Marie Dessuant, Margaux Keller, Jason Krugman, Gustavo Millon, Amaury Poudray and Filipe Ferreira.

Assemblage comes from the idea to assemble a selection of works - furniture and objects - created by the designers of Fabrica, which are reinterpreted in new and
unexpected ways.

Starting from a gallery of already existing forms, Assemblage is a journey through a visual and conceptual landscape of compositions, stories and arts where the wood meets the glass, the metal and the paper.

The result is a collection of furniture that is enriched with structural vases, photo frames, graphics and elegant lamps in perfect balance with each other. A dialogue between fabrics, materials and different modules that together create a visual collage.