Urbanized by Gary Hustwit

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Footage from "Urbanized" trailer
Urbanized is the latest addition to Gary Hustwit’s design film trilogy, joining Helvetica (2007) and Objectified (2009). The feature-length documentary takes a holistic approach to the exploration of urban design. Hustwit looks at the roles that architects, planners and policymakers play in shaping the design of cities while also considering the great contribution that ordinary citizens make to their urban surroundings.
Footage from "Urbanized" trailer
The documentary addresses the economic, environmental, spatial, and social challenges faced by today’s global cities and questions the ways in which these issues will evolve in the future.

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The Toronto International Film Festival will host the world premiere of the documentary from September 8-16. Hustwit will kick off the US leg of his tour on September 20 in New York City for Urban Design Week. For more details on local screenings visit: http://urbanizedfilm.com/screenings/.