HBL Events: Vienna Design Week 2011

Friday, 12 August 2011

Vienna Design Week 2011; photo by David Payr
The fifth edition of Vienna Design Week takes place 30 September - 9 October this year, with a diverse programme of events on offer. Key themes of this year's events will be social design and e-mobility, and designers from Poland will also be in the spotlight in 'Just a thing', a special exhibition dedicated to the country and its talents.
Vienna Design Week 2011; photo by David Payr

A number of collaborative events will run through the festival. 'Passionswege' pairs international designers up with local Viennese manufacturers to exchange ideas and techniques. Confirmed pairings so far include Tomas Alonso (read our interview with him here) with Wiener Silbermanufaktur; Philippe Malouin with J. & L. Lobmeyr, Tomas Kral with Mühlbauer; Patrycia Domanska with dirndl makers Trachten Tostmann; and bezaproject with French upholsterers Atelier Telliez.

Vienna Design Week 2011; photo by David Payr

'Vienna Design Week Laboratory' will host a series of talks as well as a live design event called 'Copyright Copyleft', where designers will address the contentious topic of copyright in design. The Vienna Architecture Centre (AzW) will run a number of tours taking in studios and other design destinations in their 'Design Safari', and Sunday will see a kids-only design event, called 'design°mobil', where 3-10 year olds can enjoy the festival too.

Also worth checking out will be 'Carte Blanche', a series of experimental projects and installations taking place in Leopoldstadt. Designer Michael Fetz pairs up with sociologist Florian Rainer to explore the issue of homelessness in Vienna's second district, while Greta Hauer and Delphine Rumo's 'The Life of Others' seeks to connect man and animal. Design collective Stadtpark will be guerrilla gardening around Volkertmarkt, Vera Wiedemann will create a 'flour-storm' in a bakery - and pop-up eatery Café Sonja will recreate the tradition of the Viennese coffee house.

For Viennese inspiration in advance of the festivities, subscribers can view our Photo Report from April this year.