Art in the woods at Latitude festival

Friday, 1 July 2011

Andy Harper

The shortlist for this year's Latitude Contemporary Art Prize has been announced, with the winner to be revealed in a ceremony at the British arts festival on the 16th July. All five shortlisted artists will contribute commissions to be set within Latitude's woodlands, allowing the viewer to enjoy art in natural surroundings.

Bound (2011) by Alice Anderson
Alice Anderson will be showing Monolith, a progression from her 2011 piece, Bound (shown above), which uses doll's hair to evoke ideas of time and memory.

Alice Anderson in the studio

Andy Harper's commision, An Orrery for Other Worlds (2011), involves the fabrication and painting of a suspended sphere, and continues the artist's practice of using 3D objects and architecture as canvasses for his paintings (see top image).

Maslen & Mehra
Maslen & Mehra, a London-based duo, will show Common Ground, a compositional piece made up of sculptures and drawings built up in layers, much in the vein of their earlier works - as shown here.

Bench by Graham Dolphin

Graham Dolphin's work incorporates objects from music and fashion: Bench (above) is an exact replica of the seat situated in Viretta Park, Seattle, where Kurt Cobain committed suicide in 1994. Dolphin's plans for Latitutude are at present still a mystery - but WGSN-homebuildlife is betting on something thought-provoking.

Delaine Le Bas

Lastly, Delaine Le Bas will show a multi-media, three-dimensional building, described by the artist as a "small cathedral" in the woods, with the altar as its focus. Previous projects have explored the theme of being an outsider looking in - and this piece promises to offer "a place to contemplate".