Aesop Bondi Beach by Zenta Tanaka

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Australian skincare brand Aesop have sent us images of their new store in Bondi Beach, Australia. Aesop are known for their experimental store designs that reflect their individual location through their use of locally sourced, sustainable materials. The new Bondi Beach store designed by architect Zenta Tanaka is no exception to this theme. Opened last month, the Bondi Beach outlet will be Aesop's fifth store in Sydney. The interior features a carefully combined selection of natural materials that reference the beach, including boulders in the walls and dips in the floor.

A shelf made out of a rough-hewn piece of aged Geelong wharf timber lines one side of the store, fixtures are pale grey and white, and the countertop is made of marble to cool customer's hands on steamy summer days.

Architect Zenta Tanaka explains ‘Dips in the landscape can be beautiful; they’re where things might change and grow. And combining mature wood, marble and varying textures lends a sense of relaxed character and calmness to the space.’

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