HBL Tradeshows: Live from New York Autoshow 2011

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Mercedez A-class concept at the New York International Autoshow 2011

WGSN-homebuildlife reports live from the 2011 New York International Autoshow, detailing three emerging trends from the influential event:

Liquid silver: fluid, smooth, molten silver exterior body paint was seen across several manufacturers; most stunning was the new Mercedes A-Class concept where its slick lines carried the paint beautifully

Small car, big storage: as small car models slowly and steadily infiltrate the American market they are all keen to demonstrate how they too can accommodate large equipment

Satin lacquer: satin finish materials were seen across interiors and exteriors. The Audi R8 GT was a strong demonstration, with satin lacquered carbon fibre and satin finish ice white body paint